REALLIONAIRES NETWORK Our Mission is, “to have raised at least 1000 millionaires through our business by year 2020”.

Our Creed:
  • I am a Millionaire
  • I am a wealth creation agent
  • I build wealth and assets legitimately
  • I am a role model worthy of emulation
  • I am a person of honour and integrity
  • I make positive impact everywhere I go
  • I give my best in all that i do
  • I do the right things at all times
  • I have great value for time
  • I care for and respect people
  • I am establishing a positive legacy
  • I make my family and nation proud
  • So help me God (Amen)

  We are a major player in achieving the built and sustainable environment and also bridging the over 20 million housing deficit in Nigerian through our “One Man One House” initiative. The business network was born out of an intense desire to be part of the solution providers to the housing, unemployment and poverty challenge which has plagued us as a people.

Partnership benefits:
  • It positions you as part of the solution to the housing deficit and unemployment issues in the country.
  • It helps to convert your network to your networth.
  • It provides you an amazing income and cash flow over an extended period of time.
  • It offers you free land and home ownership.
  • It offers you qualitative training and experience in real estate, sales and marketing.
  • It offers you the opportunity to begin your real estate business without incurring administrative and overhead costs.
  • It offers additional bonuses and rewards on a monthly /periodic basis based on performance.
Partnership Compensation Plan:

Registration and Membership Form and is free Direct Customers Commission: Partner earns up to 10% of direct sales whether based on outright or Cumulative of instalment payment options. Team Commission: Partner earns up to 3% on referral partners sales. (Please note that this compensation is up to the first generation of downlines only).

Terms and Conditions:

All terms and conditions set forth there in are subject to review as the management deem necessary.

  • Attendance at the scheduled network meetings, trainings and seminars is compulsory for partners.
  • The company maintains zero tolerance to cash transactions while cheques, drafts or bank transfers are the only acceptable means of payment.
  • Partners must understand the business and be able to lead prospects and customers to site.
  • There is no limit to the number of 1st generation downlines that a partner can have.
  • All commissions are paid weekly and not to any third party accounts provided the customer(s) have paid, filled and submitted relevant documents as requested.
  • Periodic Performance Bonus shall be presented during the reallionaires general monthly meeting.
  • The management reserves the right to terminate your membership and partnership if found involved in any dishonest practices that negates the values and polices of the company.
How To Become A Partner:
  1. Obtain and legibly fill the partner’s form and submit at the front desk.
  2. Undergo intensive training.
  3. Obtain all company’s product flyers and other necessary marketing tools.
  4. Go on site inspection tour to all our estates.
  5. Make a list of at least 100 prospects within your sphere of influence.
  6. Get to work and start to generate your millions!

Partner’s Form

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